Pre-development RV8s

V8 Newsletter - August 2019
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Oxford Blue 0024
Posted: 190810

Caribbean Blue 0028, a pre-production RV8.
RV8 enthusiast Bob Gilbert was interested to see the article in the V8 Newsletter in the August edition of Safety Fast! reporting on Marion Quarrington buying an early RV8 and contacted the V8 Webmaster saying "I was also glad to see that like mine, there are still some of the original "pre-production" MGRV8s out there, alive and kicking!

I don't think many people are aware that Rover made a small batch of Pre Production cars - in total only 31 all with their own unique VIN plate ID numbers. Marion's RV8 is 900024 mine is 900028! Full production of the RV8 model then started with VIN numbers starting with 900250.
Also along with the unique VIN numbers came a very small number in small batches of colours. Mine is Caribbean Blue, and is only one of the total number of just 19 throughout the whole production, of MGRs. I too have a full and comprehensive file (in unique leather binder) for the car which includes the original sale Invoice from a Rover Dealership in Essex dated July 1994 - £22,000. I am only the third owner."