Help I have water in my V8 legwells!

Why was it called "Ted's knob"?
The late Geoff Allen, (our former V8 Historian & Archivist and someone who worked at the MG Plant for 27 years most in Rectifications Department), referred to it as "Ted's Knob" as that was the name of the part on the production line where a fellow with a reputation with ladies was very able at fitting the part!

If you decide to change the engine oil when cleaning out the drain tube, do remember to use a new compressible copper washer (213961 Drain Plug Seal) on the sump bolt to help avoid an oil drip from the sump drain plug. It's worth buying half a dozen when you next visit an MGV8 parts supplier and keep them in the small ash tray just behind the gearstick so one will be easily available when you next need a replacement!
MGBV8 drain plug seal 21391/6K431

For information:
RV8 sump drain plug seal 6K431

Posted: 190614 & 190620
Following the heavy rain over the last week I have had a few calls from fellow members about water in the legwells in their MGBGTV8s where the car has been outside in the rain. The first thing to check is whether the drain at the bottom of the air vent chamber beneath the chrome air vent grille in front of the windscreen is blocked with an accumulation of debris - leaves, dust and grit.

The original drain tube fitted at the MG Plant was a rubber item which is graphically displayed in V8NOTE452! There are now more tasteful items available as replacement parts from Brown & Gammons although it must be stressed you would not want to have to fit one as they are a devil to ft! So do take very great care when cleaning out the rubber drain tube not to pull the wretched item off its mounting on the car!

Alongside you can see the drain tube with the drain slot at bottom of the tube blocked with an accumulation of dust and grit. Careful use of a small screwdriver can release this material and leave the drain clear to function correctly. To access the drain tube you will need to drive your MGBGTV8 up on to a pair of metal ramps. Then you will be able to get under the car just below the bulkhead where you will see the graphic item there! When cleaning the drain tube it is well worth wearing some goggles to avoid material falling into your eyes.

See an article with links to several V8NOTES on this topic.