RV8 query to Honest John

One of our two "Pricewatch" volunteers, Andy Goves, has spotted an item in the "Honest John" column in the Daily Telegraph with a query from an RV8 owner. The item is reproduced alongside together with two comments - one on tyre sealants and the other an important caution that towing an RV8 is unwise.

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Credit: article appeared in the Honest John column in the Daily Telegraph

Posted: 190330
Tyre sealants or "pump & goo"!
In a workshop note, Roger Parker mentioned tyre sealants as a way of coping with the removal of a spare tyre to make more room for luggage in an MGV8. He notes "the the wider use of Instant Mobility Systems or IMS in new cars these days, including current MGs, means there is now an option for coping with the removal of the spare wheel. IMS is a can of special sealant and a 12 volt air compressor. The sealant seals the puncture and the pump provides the air to ensure the correct air pressure.

Commonly referred to as "pump and goo" systems, they can only be used on steel or alloy wheels and not with wire wheels. A tyre repaired with IMS is regarded as providing only a temporary repair and as such is limited to a maximum speed of 80kmph/50mph and suitable only for travelling to a destination where a permanent repair or replacement is made".

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"You'll need to tow the car to a tyre centre"
The advice given by Keith Moody of towing an RV8 to a tyre centre may have been offered in the sense of his explaining that if the foam fails to "repair" the tyre then the RV8 would need to be taken to a tyre centre for a repair or replacement tyre. It is unwise to tow an RV8 as explained in one of our top tips and in the RV8 Repair Manual.

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Do not tow an MG RV8 – please make a note of this caution! Care is needed with the idea of having an RV8 towed anywhere - it must be taken on a trailer. The reason is the gearbox has forced lubrication from a pump driven by the input side (engine shaft) of the gearbox and not the output shaft. When the engine is not running there is no oil circulating in the gearbox. Towing an RV8 with the rear wheels on the road will mean the gearbox will be in action with no forced lubrication and damage to the gearbox may result. Note: the caution above applies to both the LT77S and the later R380 gearbox fitted from VIN 0644.

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