EU pushes ahead with insurance for cars off the road
The Vnuk matter grinds on with consequences for classic car enthusiasts laying-up cars and the necessary insurance cover - an more. It all arises from 2014 when a farm worker Damijan Vnuk was knocked off a ladder by a tractor trailer that was reversing into a barn. A rejected compensation claim then saw a judgement in the Court of Justice of the EU that a vehicle in normal use, at rest or in motion, needed compulsory insurance regardless of where it was.

Posted: 180613
"EU pushes for on-and-off road third party insurance cover and the UK leads the charge against these changes"
This is the lead article in Classic Car Weekly this week and it highlights an EU proposal to apply the controversial 2014 Vnuk Judgement to its fullest extent, requiring historic vehicles to be insured at all times, whether they are on the road or not. CCW adds that "UK stakeholders in the motorsport and the insurance industries have condemned the move. A technical document published by the Department for Transport arguing for the amended interpretation of the Vnuk judgement was published in December 2016" and in 2016 "a public consultation made it clear to the EU and EC that unlimited third-party cover was too costly a burden to contemplate". The MSA and MIB have added their serious concerns too.