P&T Repairs in Byfleet near Brooklands

Unit 1, Dorset Way, Byfleet, Surrey
Satnav: KT14 7LB
01932 340046


Ian Ailes, MGBGTV8 enthusiast and joint manager of the Fairmile natter at Cobham in Surrey, says "I have found a bodyshop which is excellent. Marc Tipping at P&T Repairs does a lot of MGs and can build you a Berlinetta replica if you want one. He has just finished all my panels and he also has Gerry Brown’s TB chassis for repair. Not cheap, but good value for the money".

Posted: 180610

P&T Repairs have two Junair fully circulating spray booths and low bake ovens. These are specifically designed to apply and dry modern day paints. They have a fully computersed Glasurit paint mixing scheme for water based, base coat colours and H-S solid colours. This allows them to spray modern day and classic paint finishes.

P&T Repairs was founded in 1976 and is run by Marc Tipping. Marc has always had a passion for motorcars and motorsport, having been born and brought up next to the famous Brooklands racing circuit in Weybridge, Surrey. Marc was originally trained as a car paint sprayer at Panther Motor Company, which was based on the Byfleet industrial estate where P&T Repairs' premises are located.