FBHVC insurance scheme for member clubs

In their latest newsletter the Federation of Britiish Historic Vehicles Clubs (FBHVC) mentions a motor insurance product endorsed by the FBHVC (see alongside) and only available to member clubs, adding "you can be confident we have the product you need at a price that is competitive. Why not put us to the test?"

When your renewal reminder arrives be prepared so you can shop around - don't just roll over and renew as so many policyholders do. Clearly when you do check out motor insurance quotes from other good providers you do need to make sure the scope and quality of the policy is the same or at least similar to the existing policy

Motor insurance ratings for daily cars in a recent Which? magazine review. More

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Loyalty rewarded - sadly the opposite can be true
Insurance and utility service providers can take advantage of customers who may not feel sufficiently engaged to start shopping around for a quote, so face near auto-renewals with incremental price hikes. Older age groups are seen as particularly good targets for accepting price hikes with little challenge or next to no haggling - and the service providers know it and exploit it as an intentional part of their business model. So "passive loyal stuffees" are disadvantaged while the market has tipped in favour of those that are prepared to hunt around for a better deal, haggle with their existing provider and if necessary walk away and renew with another supplier. For many older classic car enthusiasts the thought of shopping around and haggling for a motor insurance quote is not attractive, but sadly it's time to rethink loyalty - is it worth staying at any price?

In a NEWS item released in December 2017 we highlighted how the consumer magazine Which? had a lead feature in its January 2018 issue on "why loyalty doesn't pay" noting how providers of motor insurance and other essential services are quietly taking advantage of their most loyal customers (often older customers) whilst offering new customers attractive deals. Sadly you have to haggle these days to get a fair deal rather than meekly accept a high renewal premium as a passive "loyal stuffee". Providers are usually prepared to offer incentives, typically a reduction in their charge or renewal premium, but only if you ask for it!