High increases with motor insurance renewals seen from members' feedback
If you have been following our NEWS items on the high increases with motor insurance renewals the chart alongside may interest you. So far we have had only four members provide details of the renewal experience with their daily car but what the analysis shows is interesting.

Renewal premium compared with the premium paid last year
The increases range from 10% to 55% with an average increase of 25%.

Final premium following negotiation compared with last year
Substantial reductions have been negotiated sometimes adjusting the excess and mileage conditions with an average increase of 7% - a considerable improvement.

Reduction when the final premium is compared with the renewal premium
The average reduction is 17% or £79. The reductions ranged from £34 to £140 or 11% to 23% less.

So clear signs that haggling pays and a good reason not to be a "passive loyal stuffee" when faced with a large renewal premium increase!

Posted: 180107

Average figures compared

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