V8 Shop to relaunch soon

Only a week to go before the online V8 Shop will be open again on 26th November 2017

New online V8 Shop homepage
Alongside is a screengrab of the new homepage for the online V8 Shop which is a microsite on the V8 Website.

Secure online payment with Worldpay
The V8 Shop uses secure online payment processing and payment services from Worldpay. When you click "Buy" on any item on the online V8 Shop you are seamlessly transferred to their secure website where Worldpay handles the processing of most leading debit or credit cards and then the payment. This will be particularly welcome for our overseas members as it provides automatic foreign exchange conversion.
Posted: 171118
Only a week to go before the online V8 Shop will be open again on 26th November 2017 when sets or workshop notes, adverts for MGV8s for sale or wanted, adverts for V8 spares for sale or wanted, V8 Register grille badges and much more will be available again. The microsite has been rebuilt and is undergoing testing now ready for the relaunch. The two sets of workshop notes - V8NOTES and RV8NOTES - are nearing a combined total of 1,000 notes. That milestone should be reached in 2018, the 40th anniversary year of the formation of the V8 Register in 1978. That level of success is rarely seen in the classic car world. A new offer will be included - updates of the most recent two volumes in each series for members who have previously bought a full set of the notes. Also those updates will be supplied as email attachments, something a number of members have said they would welcome.
Why did the online V8 Shop have to close?
Unfortunately we had to close the online V8 Shop as we were not able to find a volunteer to take on the role of V8 Treasurer to cover the bookkeeping, VAT returns and preparation of annual accounts. A number of V8 members were approached and invited to take on the role but without success so, to avoid any bookkeeping difficulties and late VAT returns, we decided it was necessary to cease trading and close the online V8 Shop. The V8 Webmaster has maintained the bookkeeping since January 2016. Fortunately a volunteer has offered to take up the role of V8 Treasurer and the handover is in progress over the next couple of months.