MG Car Club stand featured in the CCW report of NEC show

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Posted: 171115
"NEC show's best cars ever!" is the headline in the lead article in Classic Car Weekly out today. It adds "car club's variety wins over show's visitors" . . . . "71,000 head to the NEC for the three days of car heaven". In all there are 10 pages reporting on the event including a near quarter page item on page 3 describing the project car on display on the MG Car Club's stand, The piece is alongside.

The modified MGBGT had been built by students as part of SAIC's intern project. They came largely from Bath University and were based at MG's UK technical centre at Longbridge. It uses as many parts from the current MG range as possible including a two-litre turbocharged MG GS engine. We should see it during the coming season at track days, sprints and hillclimbs.

There were around 240 classic car clubs exhibiting at the show and many, many traders and suppliers. One of the stands Nic Houslip stopped by during his tour of the halls was Prostrip. He picked up a handout on their paint, rust and sealant removal service recalling an earlier query raised by a fellow member on how to prepare a shell for a respray. Here is the Prostrip handout

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