Rethink on power-to-weight condition for "Historic" status?

See our report on the DfT consultation on roadworthiness testing exemption and "substantial change" from 1988 released on 19th October 2017. More

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Posted: 171025

Classic Car Weekly has a lead article in this week's issue reporting the "FBHVC has helped force a UK Government rethink on a controversial proposal that would have seen many classic cars lose Vehicle of Historic Interest (VHI) status". Just a month ago the DfT released a document stating classic cars would not receive VHI status if they fell foul of the DVLA's existing eight point system used to determine the extent of modifications or if the power-to-weight ratio (PTW) of a vehicle had increased by more than 15%. Clearly with MGBV8 Conversions or even modifications of production MGV8s, a power-to-weight increase condition could be a real concern as increasing the power from 98bhp (MGB) to 137bhp (MGBGTV8) would be plus 40% and for some other MGBV8 modifications far greater. However it seems the definition of "substantially changed" is still under discussion. The 1988 cut-off date has not been mentioned.

A 15% PTW increase on a Factory MGBGTV8 would be 157.5bhp (plus 20.5bhp) and for an RV8 it would be 218.5bhp (plus 28.5bhp).