V8 enthusiasts enjoyed the Swiss Pre-Event in Portugal

Photo report of the SWISS MGV8/IG "Pre-Event" in Portugal 2017. Report

Tudur Jones in Portugal 2017. More

Swiss V8 members head off for Portugal 2017. More

SWISS MGV8/IG is a group for Swiss MGV8 enthusiasts created by Victor Rodrigues in 2012 with the active support of several MG Car Club members living in Switzerland including Eric Pfändler. Both are longstanding members of the MG Car Club in the UK and active supporters of the V8 Register.
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Beth Corbett's MGA.

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Good feedback continues to come in on how fellow V8 enthusiasts enjoyed the Pre-Event in Portugal arranged by Victor Rodrigues and the SWISS MGV8/IG team prior to the European Event of the Year in July this year. The event was particularly well planned and managed with a comfortable hotel and an interesting programme of visits . A prompt photo report was posted to the V8 Website. Report

One of the participants attending was a lady in her MGA - Beth Corbett - who is a most adventurous MG enthusiast. In 2013 she joined our V8 Add-On Tour based at Dundonnell near Ullapool that followed the very successful EEOY held at Aviemore put on by the Caledonian Centre. In an email Beth sent to Victor Rodrigues, Beth relates her journey and mentions how much she enjoyed the SWISS MGV8/IG event and the warm welcome she received there from V8 members.
In her note to Victor Rodrigues, Beth Corbett says "thank you for such a wonderful few days prior to the EEOY in Porto. You went to so much trouble in your planning: the excellent hotel plus the excellent driving routes & sightseeing (thank you for taking the hassle out of paying the tolls!) the places we visited with explanations & guided tours. Also I enjoyed the great many simply delicious and plentiful meals. Absolutely nothing was overlooked by you! It really was a huge pleasure. I enjoyed meeting such delightful people as well! I really have great difficulty in deciding which was my most favourite moment but perhaps I will give top marks to the atmospheric dinner in Caramulo in that beautiful, spectacular and historic courtyard! Absolutely unforgettable and quite magical!

On the Sunday after the EEOY I drove north on my own, hoping to spend the night in coastal Vigo. But after touring the town a couple of times, I gave up & headed for Santander! When I got tired and dusk was falling, I stopped &
snoozed in the cockpit of my MGA under some streetlights (not to be recommended!). On Monday morning, as soon as dawn broke, I drove on. My satnav led me to a coastal town, Ribadesella, some 100km west of Santander. There I managed to find safe car parking and a room with balcony overlooking the pretty beach and bay. The hotel staff looked after me well, and my spirits revived! This place was only some 15 kilometres north of the renowned Picos de Europa. The receptionist pointed out places for me to visit, so I then had the most fantastic and memorable two days exploring this awesome area, passing through incredible limestone gorges and tackling mountain passes obviously covered in snow in winter. I was completely bowled over and came away determined to revisit the area for more of this adventurous driving, glorious scenery and unspoilt terrain and villages. So I hope you can gather that it was the beginning and the end of my Portuguese adventure which ensured its success!"