Extreme MGBGTV8 on steroids - an MGB GT3

An extraordinary MGB spotted by Peter Beadle. He will welcome your views on the car on the V8BB thread.

There is obviously quite a bit more fabrication required before the car will be race ready but it there is no doubt this will be an unbelievably fast car when it is finished. More

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Posted: 170823

Peter Beadle has spotted an extraordinary MGBGT V8 which is being built by APS Motorsport and featured in a report on the Turnology website where they report "Jason Shalders and the crew at APS motorsports aim to take the impish looks and performance of the MGB to a much more sinister level. His 1966 MGBGT, currently being built to FIA GT3 Specs, is gunning for the street-legal record at the Nurburgring's Nordschlefe.

The car sheds much of the original bodywork in favour of massive fender flares and functional aerodynamics. The underpinnings are just as cutting edge as the body alludes while the inside of the cockpit resides a full cage and other safety equipment. At the heart of the project is a Land Rover 4.0-litre V8 engine. The low-flowing factory pushrod-operated heads were discarded in favour of Lotus designed DOHC four-valve aluminum racing heads. In order to further bolster the engine's breathing abilities, a pair of Owen Development GT3582 turbochargers were installed. Planned output for the motor is an earthshaking 1300 horsepower, and to handle all of that power, Shalders designed his own custom pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft and cams. Some F1 technology has trickled down into this engine as well, as a set of highly-specialized pneumatic valve springs help return the valves travel from peak lift back to their seat quickly and reliably at possible". Turnology
Peter Beadle says "better known as an MGB GT3, it has a Rover V8 Engine block developing 1200 bhp in there somewhere plus the remains of an Ebay MGBGT bodyshell including door skins, and it's going to be road legal! The engineering is "Out of this World". It would certainly be a "crowd draw" at next year's celebrations either on the track or as a static display. What do fellow members think? I believe the English project by Jason Shalders started in 2014".