Banned - new ’67’ number plates the DVLA won’t let you buy

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What drives people to get personalised number plates?
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Posted: 170817

Another saucy numberplate spotted
A report on the website says "the new September ’67’ plate is here in the UK and with it, some outstanding opportunities to source a unique plate that is both lewd and crude. Well, there would be if it wasn’t for those hawk-eyed folk at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). As ever, they’ve been culling the worst offenders to ensure that the sensibilities of UK drivers aren’t offended while out on the road.

Cover your eyes now! According to AutoExpress Magazine, some of the ‘highlights’ from the ’67’ plate batch include OR67 ASM, DO67 SHT, DO67 GER, NO67 HED, AR67 OLE and BA67 ARD. These are but a handful of those detailed in an epic, ten-page document that the DVLA gave to the publication. Needless to say they are not available!

The DVLA conducts the culling process twice a year. Its remit is not just to stop smutty plates making it out into the wild, but also to stop anything that could be deemed potentially offensive on racial, religious or political grounds. Examples include JE55 US and U16 OUT (the latter in relation to the then-impending UK Brexit referendum).

Despite the DVLA’s diligent work, out-of-order number plates have been known to slip through its net. Sassy drivers though shouldn’t rest on their laurels if they do manage to bag a rude plate – the agency has the power to recall them whenever it wants. Even those who try the personalised plate route can expect to be pulled up if they dream up something that crosses the line.

Another saucy numberplate has been spotted on a Pimlico Electrics van recently - it's G2 LOO! The company is part of the Pimlico Plumbers group of companies run by Charlie Mullins, a lively character when interviewed on radio or television. They have other saucy numberplates fitted to its fleet of vehicles, such as LO 02 OLD (Loo too old), BOG1, DRA1N, W4TER and others

Pimlico Plumbers was established in 1979 by its current managing director Charlie Mullins (born December 1952) who left school at 15 with no qualifications and began work as a plumber. The group of companies has grown and positioned itself at the premium end of the market with prices that vary depending on trade and time in the day.