MGBGTV8 restored in the Czech Republic with a change of colour

Two bar room topics that always attract personal views are MG body colours and the approach to originality. As V8 Webmaster I have found that any articles prepared on originality and modifications, however objective or even handed, in the context of MGV8 market pricing or desirability to potential buyers is a minefield. The topic tends to release email trolls. So for the avoidance of doubt I express no opinion here on colours save only to disclose my MGBGTV8 was originally and is still finished in Harvest Gold.

Posted: 170722
Petr Chlupaty in the Czech Republic has a chrome bumper Factory MGBGTV8 (originally Harvest Gold 1748) which he has restored. He says the "restoration of my V8 is finished and it is now back in Yellow. The Heritage Certificate (2016/2587) mentions "Harvest Gold" as the original body colour at the Factory, but it seemed to me too dull". Petr's V8 had already had an earlier body colour change to Black before he purchased the car - see alongside.

Many of the MG colours in the 1970s were bold at the time, not least Citron Yellow. Harvest Gold was often referred to then and since as Allegro Beige! Today they are seen as very much in period, not least Citron!

Petr's MGBGTV8 restored in his preferred Yellow

Factory MGBGTV8 in the original Harvest Gold
Petr compares his new Yellow finish with the standard Harvest Gold colour which he says "seems to me too dull". Views on MG colours from the 1970s have always been a matter of personal choice - some are very fond of Damask, Teal Blue and Glacier White but equally many members like the bolder colours like Bronze Yellow, Bracken, Blaze, Flamenco Red and Tahiti Blue. There are the two colours Aconite and Black Tulip (not always easy to distinguish between the two) and the rarer colours like Tundra (it seems enthusiasts either love or hate this colour), Mirage (sometimes referred to as "gloss undercoat"), Chartreuse (yellow), Sandglow and Brooklands Green. Black was surprisingly numerous at a time when many car buyers were delighted to be free of it as it had been the almost universal body colour for cars in the 1950s - some 79 MGBGTV8s were finished in Black, most rubber bumper models. Finally there is Harvest Gold, the fifth most produced colour for MGBGTV8s. There is also a colour that is easily mistaken for Harvest Gold - it's Limeflower and it's rare as there are only two early chrome bumper V8s in Limeflower.

You can see a table with the body colours and internal trim colours for both chrome and rubber bumper MGBGTV8s at: