How many visits does the V8BB get?

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How many visits does the V8BB get?
Our V8 Bulletin Board aims for good quality postings with accurate and complete information and advice together with a good style. It's run on an "open to all" basis for viewing the posts but only registered members can launch new threads and respond to existing postings. After a difficult experience with our first V8 Bulletin Board, when a user refused to stop posting unacceptable messages in terms or style and content and to stop him the V8 Webmaster had to take the V8BB off the webhost's server, we created a new V8BB in 2013 with much better security and moderation facilities.
The chart alongside shows the total visits to the V8BB in each month from December 2015 to June 2017.
The chart indicates a 17% growth in visits over the 19 months to the end of June 2017 recording 13,184 total visits in that month. If you ignore repeat visits from the same person in each day, then what is known as the "unique visits" figure for June 2017 was 3,663. The pattern of visits over the 19 months above has had a dip in the months February to May in both 2016 and 2017 with a higher level of visits in June and July.

We also have a V8 Register Facebook Group which many people enjoy - it's technically a "closed group" where membership is only available to MGV8 enthusiasts who have registered an MGV8 with the V8 Register and who are current members of the MG Car Club in the UK or a recognised branch or affiliate of the MG Car Club overseas. The "Admin" for the V8 Register Facebook Group is fellow V8 member Julian Holmes who is based in Oman.
Information on the V8 Register Facebook Group

Alongside is a posting by Keith Belcher, one of our hardworking volunteers, along with Andy Goves, who monitor adverts for MGV8s for sale and on auction listsings to provide the information for our two Pricewatch webpages and our periodic updates of our MGV8 Price Guides. See our Pricewatch webpages