John Taylor, sad news

We have heard today that the well known MGV8 enthusiast John Taylor has passed away this week. He was at the V8 Marquee over the MGLive! 2017 weekend chatting with fellow members in his usual cheerful way.

Contributor: V8 Webmaster

Posted: 170624
John Taylor enjoyed his MGV8s - a Nighfire Red RV8 and a Blue MGBGTV8 Conversion.- and was a practical enthusiast well able with his son to maintain them to a very good standard and add improvements too. When you talked with John his conversation was informative and straightforward with a dry sense of humour which reflected his practical life experience. John had run a successful demolition business in West London so was someone able to plan and manage situations where a natural ability to assess risks and handle managing a team were essential skills.

The photo alongside was taken at the Club's annual "end of season" race meeting at Snetteron in 2002 chatting with Ian Quarrington as they headed for the cafe for breakfast. I recall that morning on my way to Snetterton I saw John had pulled up in a layby near Thetford taking a phone call but alert as ever to the sound of an approaching V8 engine he waved as I passed. We shall miss John Taylor a very great deal.