End of the fuel duty freeze?

Wallets on wheels

In a news item in the Daily Telegraph today, Jack Cousens of the AA is reported to have said "the Government talks about helping the "just about managing" or JAMs but a hike in fuel duty would be a hammer blow to household budgets across the country. Three quarters of the nation's freight is transported by road so a hike would see shops increase their prices as they pass on the fuel duty costs to the consumer.

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Posted: 180912
Fuel duty could rise for the first time in nearly a decade - that is the hint from comments made by the Chancellor yesterday in the House of Commons. He is reported to have said "to support British households the Governme nt has frozen fuel duty for eight successive years. By April 2019 the freeze will have saved the average driver £850 compared to the pre-2010 escalator and the average van driver over £2,100. The Government has foregone £46 billion in revenue and is expected to lose £38 billion more if the freeze contnues. This is twice what we spend on all NHS nurses and doctors each year".

Howard Cox (FairFuelUK) said "it would be political suicide for the Chancellor to hike fuel duty on the already highest taxed drivers in the World."