New metal brake master cylinder for an MGB

Moss say it is for an MGB 1962 to 1980.

Original Moss "MGBGTV8 Parts Supplement" MGL001B shows a square brake master cylinder as part number GMC150.

The new replacement part from Moss is shown as part number GMC150OE.

Posted: 170424
Seen in the latest spares news email from Moss Europe, they note: "For many years we have only been able to supply MGB brake master cylinders with a plastic fluid tank. Working with the original manufacturer we have reintroduced a metal fluid tank master cylinder for the MGB. Unfortunately, they were unable to manufacture these cylinders with the original ‘square’ type of fluid tank but this replacement cylinder, with a round tank, is a great alternative and looks more in keeping with the MGB’s engine bay.

Please note: although the square fluid tank was used throughout most of the MGBs production life, Lockheed introduced a round fluid tank in 1976, which would have also been used on MGB production until the introduction of the dual line braking system in 1978, and as a replacement spare part". More