V8BB reaches 5,000 posts
The V8 Bulletin Board is a good quality classic car forum for MGV8 enthusiasts which aims to to attract good quality, substantive postings in terms of both subject matter and how they are expressed. It's a well managed forum - adverts, chat and prattle are not welcome and very rarely activity on the V8BB is moderated.

V8 Register Facebook Group

We also have a V8 Register Facebook Group which is an online forum many users like. It is a "closed group" with access only available to registered members, so you need to apply to join the group. As a closed group we hope it will provide members of the V8 Register with another convenient forum for exchanging views and discussing topics whilst avoiding it becoming an uncontrolled "free for all" forum with low quality posts, adverts and scammer activity!

To join the V8 Register Facebook Group you will need to apply for a V8 Register Facebook account which is only available to V8 Register members who are also current members of the MG Car Club in the UK or of a recognised branch or associate of the Club overseas. To apply just follow the guidelines at the head of the V8 Register Facebook Group page on how to join the group. Join now

Our Facebook admin member is Julian Holmes.

Posted: 170409

The V8 Bulletin Board reached 5,000 posts on 919 topics yesterday afternoon when David Worthington posted a message saying "Congratulations to all those involved with the V8 Bulletin Board. I think this is post number 5000 so well done to all concerned for setting it up and keeping it running. I have found it very helpful over the years to have such a wealth of knowledge and experience freely available. Please keep it up." V8BB

The present V8BB was created by fellow V8 member Malcolm Bailey and launched in December 2012. So it has now been running for 51 months. Links to the postings on our earlier V8BB are available on the current V8BB so you can do a "key word search" for topics covered there.

How active is the V8BB in terms of visits?
The monthly data for the 15 months from January 2016 to March 2017 from the V8BB webhost shows the visits made per day are up by 48% on the level of visits in January 2016. By "visits" we mean visits from the same visitor in any one day, ignoring their repeat hits - they are known as "unique visits", not to be confused with the total visits each day. The total visits are greater because many visitors make repeat visits each day. For example in March March 2017 each visitor made (on average) 2.5 visits to the V8BB each day. You can see more information and charts on our V8BB activity report. More
What are our aims for the V8 Bulletin Board?
Our aims for the V8BB are to attract good quality postings in terms of both subject matter and how they are expressed. Since the launch of the present V8BB it has succeeded in attracting good quality messages with real substance, usually with reference to either acknowledged sources (like workshop and parts manuals or other recognised authoritative sources) or to direct personal experience or knowledge to support the advice or views in the message, rather than simply bold assertions. Chat or prattle is not welcome or adverts for cars, goods for sale or personal events. The general style of the V8BB has been polite and welcoming so many members who might not have posted messages on a forum before fearing a brusque response have found they have been able to do so on the V8BB as there has been a low risk that someone might respond with a barbed comment as a response saying "nonsense" or other discouraging or unpleasant comments. The V8BB system is also straightforward to join and use. The emphasis has been on the quality and not the quantity of messages on our V8BB.

V8BB Registered User Account - a benefit for current members of the MG Car Club
The V8BB is run on an "open-to-all" basis for viewing the threads posted to the V8BB but access to posting a message as a response to a thread running on the V8BB or to posting a message as a new thread is only available as a membership benefit to current members of the MG Car Club or of a recognised branch or associate of the Club overseas who have also registered an MGV8 with the V8 Register and have also been accepted as a V8BB Registered User Account holder. Applications for a registered user account can be made via the link on the V8BB homepage. Link