Long-awaited supermarket fuel price war

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Posted: 170317
Recently fuel prices have been at their highest levels since December 2014, following several months of consecutive price increases. These increases have been caused by a perfect storm of rising oil prices and the fall in Sterling against the US Dollar following the outcome of the referendum to leave the European Union last year. The average price of petrol in February 2017 was almost 20 pence more per litre compared to February 2016. For further details, you can compare historical fuel prices here. However, this week things have begun to change. Asda and Morrisons announced price cuts on Monday which finally triggered a long-awaited new supermarket fuel price war. See PetrolPrices.com
Asda revealed that they will be selling unleaded petrol for 114.7p per litre and diesel for 116.7p per litre from this week, with Morrisons responding on Monday by tweeting the following: "Good news for motorists! From tomorrow we're dropping the price of unleaded and diesel by up to 2p a litre". Tesco also joined in on Tuesday by dropping their prices by 2p a litre, and yesterday The Sun reported that Sainsbury’s had followed suit and cut their prices by 2p a litre as well. A 2p per litre cut represents a saving of over £1.30 per tank for drivers.

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