Care with deterioration in a rubber fuel system component

Photo alongside: Ron and Valery Gammons flying their Tiger Moth over the famous Victoria falls - a huge amount of water was going over the falls at the time following flooding seen a few days earlier in the delta. The mist from the falls can be seen for miles from the air.

Posted: 170221
We have heard that Brown & Gammons has just received a badly burnt MG TC where it would appear the rubber fuel line has failed resulting in considerable damage totalling thousands of pounds. Ron Gammons, an active private pilot of de Havilland Moths and a trained aero engineer, has also received a Mandatory Permit Directive from the Civil Aviation Authority with information, advice and requirements regarding the inspection and replacement of rubber fuel system components fitted to certain aircraft types. A copy of that MPD is available via our link. More

An additional caution for classic car owners arising with any insurance claim from fire damage is that whilst
the insured may have stated a value for the vehicle for the purposes of the renewal of the motor insurance policy, if the insured had not got around to sending the insurer or broker the required set of current photos to enable the basic check of proposed value with the condition of the car evidenced by those photos, what is the value for insurance purposes should there be a claim? If the policy terms and/or broker states a current set of photos is required as part of the policy renewal procedure, then there is likely to be some uncertainty over what value applies to the car pending receipt of the required set of photos. The sensible procedure is to take a new set of photos - one of each corner, each side, the engine bay, the boot or luggage platform with the tailgate up and the inside seats and trim - and send them off promptly to comply with the insurer or broker's requirement for photo evidence to support a vehicle valuation on renewal.

Tony Lake says "this is a serious issue.
I’ve replaced my fuel hoses twice since I bought the car in 2001. In 2003 I just didn’t like the feel or look of them, quite hard and showing signs of cracks. By then the car was 26 years old. I fitted high pressure lines supplied by Webcon (Weber UK). Then in Nov 2011 I replaced them again with Gates Barricade, very high quality hose suitable for all ethanol blends. It’s such a simple job on the V8. I would say anybody running an older car who doesn’t know the maintenance history would be well advised to do it or have it done. The old adage applies, if you can smell fuel then you’ve got a leak!"