Potholes can damage classic cars

See a report in the Daily Telegraph on the Court of Appeal ruling made on Thursday 2nd February 2017 on a pothole case. More

Credit: thanks for Chris Hunt Cooke for highlighting this topic.

Posted: 170204
Watch out for potholes!
Recent heavy frosts in Britain have increased the number of potholes seen in many roads and some of the holes can cause major damage to the suspension components of cars and motorcycles. Local councils are shelling out thousands on compensation for damage caused by potholes to vehicles. So how do potholes form, how large can they get, who is responsible for monitoring our roads for potholes and repairing them and what costs are involved? See our article on potholes.

Two websites:
potholes.co.uk has advice on how to claim. More
GOV.UK website for reporting potholes. More