Modern cars get bigger when compared with an MGBGTV8

Our research shows the frontal area of a typical modern hatchback like a VW Golf is now nearly a fifth larger (18.5%) compared to that of an MGBGTV8 and in terms of bulk, a surprising 36% greater. That's quite a change and clearly helps explain the feeling when driving an MGBGTV8 that modern cars are getting bigger. The changes with other modern cars, like BMW, Mercedes and Audi saloons and the ever increasing number of "urban prat x 4s", are I suspect even larger on a relative scale than the earlier models of those brands.

Posted: 161010
Driving an MGBGTV8 on motorways and major roads today you are aware that modern cars seem to be bigger in your rear view mirror and they grow larger as they close on you to pass. Often when you are travelling at "around the legal limit" for the section of road modern cars gradually close on you, seemingly on cruise control. Some drivers have an irritating habit of hanging off behind you some 30 to 40 yards, sometimes less, so as you close on a vehicle ahead in moderately heavy traffic and need to pull out to overtake the slower vehicle, it can be difficult to pull out. Often dropping out of overdrive, even taking third, you have available the still electric V8 powered acceleration and can signal and move out and ahead in a safe but assertive way. Often the driver behind flashes as though a "small old car" has had the impertinence to enter the outside lane which is of course the rightful place for OLODs like them - "outside lane owner drivers!"

But the question is how has the relative size of the MGBGTV8 changed over the years when compared with a typical hatchback or saloon in 1974 period and now the natural evolution of that type of car in 2016? See our illustrated article based on a comparison of an MGBGTV8 with the VW Golf Mk1 from 1974 and the current VW Golf. More