Controversial LEZ exemptions sought by FIVA

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FIVA, an international body for historic vehicle clubs based in Brussels, has defined what it regards as "historic vehicles" - they say "historic vehicles should be road vehicles at least 30 years old, maintained in a historically correct condition and not used as a means of daily transport".

The FBHVC in the UK has asked FIVA to withdraw their statement and to consult with members on the issue. The concern is the narrow FIVA definition may exclude many accepted classics, regarding them as "old" rather than "historic", the latter having rights to lower or zero taxation.

The response from a number of British classic car enthusiasts is it really is crazy to suppose that the purist FIVA definition of a historic vehicle could be incorporated into law. Would the addition of a sunroof or different shockers mean the car was no longer in a historically correct condition? What about other prudent modifications like additional fuses to protect ageing wiring looms? Who would decide whether the amount of use amounted to daily use?

Both Classic Car Buyer and Classic Car Weekly newspapers cover the story. You can buy a copy in WH Smith and other local newsagents.