Where is the MGBGTV8 now?

Do you know where an MGBGTV8 in Damask with the registration number JJH 263N is today? Do let the V8 Registrar know if you do so we can help this painting pass to the current owner of the car. Contact

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We have heard from Alan Zafer that he now owns the car. We hope he will join the MG Car Club.

Natter Leader, Mike Parker, arranged for a friend of his, Bob Neville to come along and talk to the Abingdon Natter last night about his MG and racing experiences and very entertaining it was. One of the things he brought along was a painting of an MGBGTV8 which he’d like, if possible, to be passed on to the current owner of the car. The painting notes the registration number was JJH 263N. Mike took the painting and was intending to take it to Kimber House but Richard Martin (AWC) has contacted the V8 Register to see if we are able to trace the current owner of the car.

An MGBGTV8 with the registration number JJH 263N is not recorded on the V8 Database so we did a Vehicle Enquiry Service check on the GOV.UK website which shows an MG in Red with a 3528cc engine is on a SORN with an MOT due to expire in April 2016. So it appears the car is out there - does anyone know the car and its owner so the painting can be passed to the present owner?

Bob Neville raced MGBs and MGBV8s for many years in the BCV8 Championship which Victor Smith set up with Barry Sidery Smith in 1975. BCV8