An early MGBGTV8 in Germany

This MGBGTV8, Glacier White 0421, had not been registered with the V8 Register before until Sebastian Schmidt sent in details the other day.

Posted: 151229
Sebastian Schmidt in Germany has registered his MGBGTV8 in BRG which was previously owned by an enthusiast in the Netherlands where the body colour was changed to BRG and raced. It went through Paint Finishing at the MG Plant on 7th August 1973 as Glacier White 0421 and was despatched to Morris Garages in Oxford on 14th August 1973, just in time for the launch of the model on the 17th.

Sebastian says "the respray was in green but it isn´t BRG, so I have to do a analysis of the color - but BRG is the most similar to it".