MGBGTV8 gets a suitable plate in Arkansas

Gavin Bailey's MGBGTV8 (Glacier White 0199) was the car on display in the Longbridge entrance hall in 1973.

Posted: 151229
Longtime MGV8 enthusiast and former V8 Register Scribe, Gavin Bailey, who left leafy Surrey for Bentonville in the USA, has been in touch saying his MGBGTV8 is "tucked away in the garage, must find some time to use it next year. Can't make it to Silverstone 2016, but maybe I'll make it to the Nort American bash in Louisville, KY. My V8 is still sporting it's old UK plate on the front but it's got an appropriate one on the rear". He adds he was surprised to get this plate, but "as its one of the few MGV8s in Arkansas, I shouldn't be".