If you have recently bought a classic car then we need details of your experience

Vehicle tax: what to do when you buy or sell a vehicle
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Posted: 151215
The changes to road tax seen over the last 15 months have produced some uncertainties over road tax applications and SORNs when buying and selling a car and also when making an application to change the tax class of eligible classic cars from PLG to Historic. So what we would like from fellow members who have bought or sold a classic car (or indeed any car secondhand car) in the last 6 months, are details of when you applied for a road tax or SORN (immediately following your closing a sale or purchase, when you got back home or later), which method you used (at a Post Office counter, online on the GOV.UK website or by mail to DVLA Swansea) and details of how the process went.

It is important we learn from you what your real experience has been because the indications we are getting suggest
the process and timing of taxing, SORNing and changing the tax class from PLG to Historic does not seem clear at all, particularly when buying and selling a car. So if you have had relevant experience please do use our online survey form which highlights the key areas of concern and questions. The form also provides plenty of space for any additional account of your experience. Online survey < unfortunately the form is malfunctioning so do email your feedback