Don't trip up on the VES webpage

You can easily check the current road tax and MOT status for a vehicle using the online Vehicle Enquiry Service or VES webpage on the GOV.UK website. But do take care with how you type in the registration number and the model description because if you use the wrong format then you get a red "Basil Faulty" type of rejection demanding you enter the data in "a valid format"! So if you meet this difficulty think of what Corporal Jones would say in Dad's Army - don't panic, don't panic remember the valid formats Mr Mainwaring!

The VES is available on the GOV.UK website. VES

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What happens when you enter a vehicle registration number in the wrong form?
If you enter a registration number for an MGBGTV8 in the form PVJ 888 M the GOV.UK website reacts with a red rejection message! The valid format is PVJ 888M.

Similarly with a modern car the valid format the website demands is SO53 HDP and not SO 53 HDP.

What report do you get from a Vehicle Enquiry on the GOV.UK website?
The vehicle enquiry report you receive online has two green panels showing whether the car is taxed and the tax due date (even a NIL value VED due date) and also whether the car has a current MOT and the expiry date. Below that information, there are details on the car including the Date of first registration and not the "Build date" - even when the car has obtained Historic tax class status.