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For the future health of the Club we need to attract younger members by providing information, support, services and events that they like and find useful. To prepare for that development or initiative we need to know what younger members feel about classic cars, MGs and a members' car club like ours. So we have launched an online survey and are encouraging fellow V8 members to gather the views of younger people they know.
That survey information will help the Club with its aim of developing ways of making our Club attractive to younger members and coordinating the various activities within the Club to support an "initiative" which will become a key part of what the Club offers in terms of events, information, support and communication with members and of course how the Club's marketing material is designed and pitched.
By "younger" members we are looking at the 15 to 40 age group but within that age band there are clearly
several segments each with different economic means, attitudes to car ownership, family transport needs and interests in classic cars and MGs past and present. Before plunging into creating and marketing an "initiative" we are trying to do some basic market research to better understand what younger people in each of those segments (not just the 15 to 25 year olds) feel about classic cars, MGs and a members' club, and where they go to get classic car information, support and news of events.

We have just launched the online survey form on the V8 website asking fellow members to discuss the five questions in our online survey form with the younger people they know to get their views and comments and then let us have them by using the online survey form. Members participating in this survey by returning a completed survey form with useful information from a discussion with a younger person will be offered a free set of workshop notes on a memory stick.
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