V8 Roadster on the November Sun Run 2015 in France

Posted: 151114
Chris Hunt Cooke is just back from the November Sun Run 2015 which he says "is a light-hearted four day event organised in France by an expatriate Brit with the help of local enthusiasts of both nationalities. It is a bit different from most historic road rallies in that there is no regularity timing. Instead the object is to spot code boards, answer questions and identify objects on route, which sounds like a treasure hunt, but in fact it is rather more than that because the navigation, which appears deceptively straightforward, relying as it does almost entirely on French road numbers, can become unexpectedly tricky. Its popularity is apparent in that the event scheduled for November 2016 is already fully subscribed.

The November Sun Run 2015, besides raising money for the GOSH appeal, celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the MGB GT, as shown on the rather charming medals given as awards. The one pictured alongside was given to Chris Hunt Cooke for winning his class on the event. Chris reports that his V8 Roadster was the ideal mount to tackle the Alpine regions, gobbling up the hills with no problem.