Muddle over eligibility for old-style non-reflective numberplates

Posted: 150901

Barrie Jones spotted an article in in the September 2015 issue of Classic Car Monthly reporting a change to legislation regarding the use of the old-style non-reflective numberplates on classic cars. These were previously only legal when fitted to pre-1973 vehicles. The report mentioned "the DVLA now says that their use has been extended to all vehicles that qualify for Historic road tax class which instantly allows another two years of cars to use the older plates".

On checking with Chris Hunt Cooke said "Yes, see the last FBHVC newsletter. We have queried this and it turns out to be a mistake in the drafting of the legislation, it was never intended to do this, but that is the current position. DVLA and DfT will seek to correct it when a suitable opportunity for legislation occurs, but we are seeking clarification of whether that will be retrospective or whether it will be allowed to stand for those affected in the interim."

Looking back at the FBHVC newsletter the very brief item there was:

Non-Reflective Number Plates
At every meeting with DVLA we learn something completely new! In this case it is that the end date for black and white (or silver and white) number plates is linked to the historic tax class date. So we were told that non-reflective plates are now permitted on vehicles built before 1st January 1975.

We will be following this and hope to hear more later.