Classic car theft - increased security now essential

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Classic Car Weekly has another report of a classic car theft in its current issue out yesterday - this time a TR6 stolen from a lock-up garage near Basildon in Essex. The owner is reported to be "absolutely devastated" at the loss of his car valued at £14,000.

The detective inspector covering the case said "owners need to be much more vigilant - additional security like crook locks will deter thieves as will alarms and tracking devices, although not period correct, are worth their weight in gold should your classic be stolen."

A tracker will provide you with alerts of any tampering with your vehicle as a text message to your mobile phone and if it is taken away by thieves then you can get location data sent as text messages. If you are able to provide the police with information as to where the car has been taken they are likely to be far more interested in tracking down your car and the apprehending the thieves.
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With increasing investor interest in classic cars and that effect moving down from the "investor cherries" like Ferraris and Jaguars to MGBs, V8s and TR5s and TR6s, there are sadly reports of thieves active in stealing classic cars when parked up at classic car shows where they know there will be a splendid choice for them to go for. So increased security is now essential - from ignition or battery cutout switches to neat GPs trackers that can report tampering and more should your car be a target.