Interest is growing in ordering a V8 Register Grille Badge?

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Angus Munro feels the small V8 Register Grille Badge the register had available until a year or so ago was particularly suited to the RV8 as the dimensions of the badge suited the grille size. The small badge has also been popular with members with the MGBGTV8 model as minimising any obstruction to the ram air effect for cooling is desirable. As supplies of the last batch of these badges ran out a year or so ago he is frustrated he has been unable to get one, even a secondhand badge on the V8 Spares for Sale & Wanted webpage. So Angus has arranged for a new supply to be manufactured with a reputable producer of good quality enamel car club badges. They are likely to be available in October 2015.
You can indicate your interest in buying a V8 Register grille badge using a convenient online form. Onlne form.
Update on Wednesday 12th August 2015
At the close of the special discount offer at midnight BST on Tuesday 11th August 2015 over 50 pre-orders had been received from members. Over the next few days Angus Munro will be sending information to those members with details of how to purchase a V8 Register Grille Badge and an update reporting a batch of the badges has been ordered from the supplier with an indication of the date delivery of the badges is likely to arrive from the suppliers. The badge will be on offer soon at the standard price.

Update on Tuesday 11th August 2015
Do not delay because this discount offer closes at midnight BST on Tuesday 11th August 2015.
Members who have placed a pre-order before the closing deadline will be sent an email next week with details of how they can pay for their badge via the Online V8 Shop.

Update on Friday 7th August 2015
Final promotional announcement
Angus Munro
reports pre-orders for a new batch of V8 Register Grille Badges have been coming in strongly, now approaching 50 orders. For members pre-ordering a badge it will be supplied at a 20% discount price. For UK based buyers that will be £26.99 including free P&P and VAT. For buyers on Mainland Europe and Overseas the price will be based on that price minus the UK postage and plus the overseas postage to their country. Unless the buyer requires other carriage arrangements, the Mainland Europe and Overseas badges will be sent as airmail small parcels on a signed for basis.

Do not delay because this discount offer closes at midnight BST on Tuesday 11th August 2015. Members who have placed a pre-order before the closing deadline will be sent an email next week with details of how they can pay for their badge via the Online V8 Shop.

Update 6th August 2015
Angus Munro
reports "For the benefit of those enthusiasts who may not have spotted the link on the website and also for those who have registered their intention to purchase the following is an update.
Our project to remanufacture the grille badge is going well. Phase one was to establish the level of interest among fellow enthusiasts by offering a firm agreement to purchase via the V8 website. With a plan to place an order for 50 badges published, we now have firm orders for 33. I will retain perhaps four badges as a contingency which leaves 13 badges available at the time of writing.
Phase two is now underway with the original manufacturer searching for the tooling. If this is found the unit price will be lower. Fingers crossed on that.
When I found that the V8 Register had sold out of these badges I advertised for one, without success, and the ensuing frustration formed the logical next step, to make them again.
With the valuable help and support of the V8 Register I decided to sponsor the project and the partnership was born.
For those who may not have yet heard about this venture, or perhaps are still undecided, let me assure you that once the project concludes it is extremely unlikely that another production batch will take place".
Should you be interested in this final oportunity please register your interest in a badge by sending Angus a response form. Onlne form

Update 4th August 2015
Angus Munro
has had a surge of pre-orders for one of the badges he is considering sourcing so if you are thinking of getting a V8 Register Grille Badge do not delay in sending Angus a pre-order form as he needs to know how many to order in a batch from the producer. Order now to avoid disappointment! Onlne form

Update on 28th July 2015
Angus Munro
reports pre-orders and expression of interest in his arranging a new supply of the V8 Register badge is growing. He says "we now have orders for 26 badges so we are really very close to the point where we can approach reliable manufacturers for prices. Once this phase is completed I feel that we will be able to give a reliable answer to the availability question. Of course, in reality, a reasonable length of time is not very important compared to the very real fact that we are getting a badge that may never be available again. They will become collectors' items". A few weeks ago Angus stepped forward with his initiative to market and source a new supply of V8 Register grille badges and has volunteered to run with this project by planning and managing it. Fortunately the V8 Register attracts enthusiasts who contribute information and articles, provide photos to illustrate our articles and workshop notes and plan and organise events - like Charles Peers with the popular forthcoming Churches Tour on Saturday 3rd October 2015. We are currently seeking a volunteer to coordinate and run the annual V8 Tours so do get in touch if you would like to help make the V8 Tour 2016 happen.
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