John Deed wins the 200th RV8 gearknob

Terry Starkey has offered the 200th RV8 gearknob through a prize draw aimed at raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. The prize was the special 200th RV8 gearknob. A staggering sum of £2,280 was raised with the prize draw.

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Terry Starkey reports the draw for the winning bid for the 200th RV8 Burr Elm gearknob held at the Needham Market Natter last night was won by John Deed who has a Nightfire Red RV8 in Suffolk. Terry adds "the final total raised for gearknobs 208 and 200 was a staggering £2,280. The cheque was presented last night to Macmillan Cancer at the dinner. Thank you all for your generosity and spirit". Terry says Max Porter took a couple of photos of the presentation and copies will be through soon. I know several members - Chris Ho and Paul Baker - have mentioned they were "waiting for a call to tell them they had won the gearknob". Probably over 20% of the RV8s in the UK have a "Starkey gearknob" which are produced by a local craftsman from his dwindling stock of burr elm.

Chris Ho commented ruefully "
ever the optimist me! I've never won a raffle yet!! Although I did very much hanker after

it. I thought it looked beautiful. I'm sure it will look fantastic in someone else's Nightfire Red RV8. Congratulations on the win and well done Terry for raising a not insubstantial amount of money".
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