Getting a replica tax disc for your MGV8

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Key renewal dates card
With the end of paper tax discs on the windscreen another reminder of when your current road tax expires has gone so we have a convenient credit card sized you can download here upon which you can write the key dates as a reminder with your debit and credit cards. With a classic car very often the three key renewal dates have got out of synch and are at different times and no longer follow the original date of first registration of the vehicle many years ago. So here is a reminder card for the VED or SORN renewal date, the MOT expiry date and the insurance cover renewal date.

Why not download a copy now, cut it out and fill in the key dates so you have a convenient reminder with you.

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With end of paper tax discs only a few days away, Paul Baker posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board saying "with the new rules for tax discs I wanted to get a replica for the first tax disc my RV8 would have carried - namely one ending 08/96. Most replica providers don't go beyond the late 80s and early 90s. However I found a great supplier
who provided me with a customised tax disc by return of post and all for less than £10! I thought I would share his details - it is ".

Buying a tax disc with creativetaxdiscs is straightforward but you will need to know the date of first registration. If your V5C is not near at hand you can pop into the "Vehicle Enquiry" service on the Directgov website via the link on the V8 website to trace that date so you have the month in which the car was first registered and taxed.

There is also an additional service they offer for free and that is to add the following details to the disc which are normally written in by the counter staff at an issuing Post Office branch - that is the registration number, the make MG, the tax classification PLG, the period of road tax, most probably 12 months, and the amount of road tax paid £???.??. Now most applicants will not know or be able to recall that sum but I think creativetaxdiscs will have that figure to hand in their records.

The next piece of information you will need is the location of the issue of the first tax disc. That may be in the history file that came with your car showing the dealer who sold the car to the first owner and then a reasonable assumption is the first disc would have been issued nearby before the car was collected from the dealer and driven away by the proud new owner. For MGBGTV8s the dealer to whom each car was despatched is noted on the copy of the Factory records we hold as a database. So if you need to check the dealer who is shown having been sent your MGBGTV8 from the Factory, contact the V8 Registrar and the details will be sent by return. Alternatively you can get a Factory records search online - just go to

At present we do not have similar information available for the RV8 model but item 9 on a BMHIT Heritage Certificate shows the the "Destination (Dealer)".
Replica paper tax disc arrives
Two days after placing the online order my replica paper tax disc arrived on 1st October 2014 - the day a current paper tax disc is no longer required to be on display on the windscreen of my V8. The replica, dated with the date of first registration of my car, bears the Hereford issuing office stamp, and Creative Tax Discs have also added the registration number, the tax status of PLG, the make MG, the initial period of road tax 12 months and the rate of VED applicable back in June 1974 of £25. What a service from a wonderful small business run by Bill Blackmore near Barnsely in South Yorkshire! 141001
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