Nextbase402G dash cam
What's it like and how easy is it to set up and use?

Setting up a Nextbase402G
See the installation guide on page 5 of the installation manual for the installation notes and a diagram of a suggested arrangement for the power supply lead. More

What does the recording look like?
Mike Howlett says "the picture quality is good as you can see from the single frame taken on the M6 over the bonnet of my V8". Single frame

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Instruction manual
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Dash cams - what are they like?
See our dash cam review published in the December 2014 issue of Safety Fast! More

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The Nextbase402G captures video whilst driving in FULL HD 1080P resolution so records your journey or in the event of an incident provides evidence to help prove exactly what happened. The exclusive WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) feature enhances footage to provide the clearest image possible, even at night. It has 2.7" LED backlit anti-glare screen which allows you to see the recording and easily view playback without the need for a PC. The GPS antenna provides exact location and tracks your entire journey so it can be viewed on Google Maps using the PC software supplied. With a 140 degree lens viewing angle and the best in lens technology it captures crystal clear footage with a very wide field of vision to enable to you see cars beside you, on side roads, pedestrians and even driver blind spots. There is also a G sensor which automatically senses a crash and saves the video files before, during and after so they are not overwritten or corrupted.

What's the Nextbase402G dash cam like?
In a V8BB response with a user's views on this dash cam, Mike Howlett reported he had found the Nextbase402G was not difficult to set up and had worked well on a 2,400 mile trip to France and back. In a brief note he provides some useful feedback on this dash cam. Review

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