Message to all Members who have purchased a set of V8NOTES which included Volume 14

V8NOTES - Volume 14

Download PDF copy of Volume 14

V8NOTES - detailed Index

Download PDF copy of the Index
Last week a member helpfully reported that a set of V8NOTES he had purchased recently was missing a number of the notes in Volume 14. That problem has been resolved but the V8 Webmaster is concerned that other members who have purchased a full set of V8NOTES (which included Volume 14) over the last 18 months may have also have a set in which Volume 14 is incomplete.

If you have an incomplete Volume 14 using the links alongside you can download a copy of the complete Volume 14 in PDF format and then add it to the set you have which we supplied on a Twister memory stick. You can also download an updated copy of the detailed Index document in PDF format which has recently been updated.

If you need any assistance with the downloads do contact the V8 Webmaster. Contacts