The completion of MG RV8 production was the lead item for the weekly report released by the Rover Group Cowley on 30th November 1995. "The 2000th and last MG RV8 was driven off the production line on Wednesday 22nd November 1995. Although small in numbers, the car provided publicity and a great deal of interest in Rover.

The "Adder" concept was originally promoted by Rover Special Products and "sold" to Large Cars. At a time when Cowley fortunes appeared low, it was the first good news in a series that has secured the future of Cowley. Few who went to the 1993 Motorshow will forget the centrepiece of the Rover display and the star of the show, the MG RV8. The plan was to build 2,000 and 2,000 were built - all sold to orders".
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Posted: 210103
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