Thames TV feature on British cars at the motor show in 1973
Keith Belcher says "I haven't seen this film from 1973 before but it includes an early MGBGTV8 - HOH 902L" It's a Pre-Production car, Bronze Yellow 0113 built in March 1973 and first registered in April that year. Location: Polsden Lacey, east of Guildford in Surrey.

Video commentary - quite why Hudson-Evans was such a doomster about the MGBGTV8 is sad with cynical journalism.

Posted: 200325
In the video Tony Bastable and Richard Hudson Evans take a look at the latest British offerings that were being shown at the 1973 motor show at Earls Court. It includes a brief view of the MGBGTV8 launched at that show with the comment that "from our largest sportscar factory at Abingdon MG have come up at last with the obvious putting a Rover three and a half litre motor into their MGB but as quick as it undoubtedly is, many cynics will remember BMC used to sell a large engined MGB before, the ill-fated MGC". See the video