Looking back - Geoff Allen at the MG Plant

Geoff Allen, a founding member of the V8 Register in 1978 who worked for 27 years in Rectifications Dept at the MG Plant..

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Posted: 200518

The late Geoff Allen was a founder member of the V8 Register in 1978 and a much liked MGV8 enthusiast as our Archivist and Historian. After the MG Plant closed he set up his own MG servicing business in Abingdon which he ran successfully for many years before retiring to Congleton.

Geoff Allen's fondness for MG and his willingness to help fellow enthusiasts was legendary. His knowledge and experience of maintaining post war MGs came from working in Rectifications Department at the MG Factory at Abingdon for 27 years where a team of up to 60 people worked on more than 200 cars a day at one stage. So he was well used to a variety of fault finding and curing challenges which he clearly enjoyed. Geoff particularly liked the MGB which he had felt "looked exactly right" from his first sighting of the new model at Easter 1961 and later when the MGBGTV8 model came in he felt that was the "dream MG" - "as soon as I knew about them I wanted one!". Geoff regarded his wife Jean as his best friend - a truly wonderful partnership. He died peacefully on Saturday 10th June 2006 age 76.
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