Would I sell this V8?

Photo: Mike Authers (left) with Cliff Humphries.

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Posted: 200813
Would I sell an MGBGTV8 that came out of the MG Factory that was built by Cliff Humphries for himself? Mike Authers says these were the words my friend and workshop advisor Geoff Clark mentioned during a tea break. Geoff had a few photos of the car from a previous visit to Cliff's home near Wantage that showed it had US style running lights on the wings which isn't to everyone's taste over here. I could see the V8 engine minus the air filters which were in the boot. Yes I was interested as I do like unusual spec cars and am always happy to advertise cars on my website for customers.

Cliff kept this V8 for himself and used it sparingly so it's only covered 24,000 miles. But with Cliff's failing eyesight meant it hadn't been driven for over ten years. Mike had a chat with Cliff for an hour or so and . . . see the full article.