MGBGTV8 Driver's Handbook editions

Posted: 200220
The MGBGTV8 Driver's Handbook AKD8423 was published in four editions from 1973 (launch of the model) until 1974 (with the launch of the rubber bumper model). Copies of the title page and contents page for each of the four editions are below.

First edition dated 1973 had an erratum covering the Brake Maintenance on page 65.

Second edition is dated 1973.

Third edition is dated 1974.

Fourth edition is dated 1976 and also includes the "Supplement for cars with impact-absorbing bumpers" with four pages covering maintaining the single 12V battery, the headlamps (sealed beam units incorporating a side light bulb because the lamps in the rubber bumper were only for the indicators), direction indicator lamp units and the number plate lamps. The pages also cover replacement bulbs and "General Data" for the rubber bumper model.

See an A4L PDF document with copies of the title and contents pages for each of the four editions. More