Beige envelope with a pack of informaton for a new MGBGTV8 owner in 1973-76

Robert Rose is an enthusiastic researcher of archive material connected with the launch and sale by distributors of the MGBGTV8 model. The other day, on reviewing MGBGTV8s for sale adverts online, he spotted a trader offering a rubber bumper V8 who had included in the set of photos alongside the advert, a photo of a beige envelope containing an original British Leyland Driver's Handbook for a 1976 MGBGTV8. We sought the recollectons of fellow member Peter Beadle who in the 1970s was parts manager with University Motors in Epsom, then a leading MG distributor in Epsom, Central London, Balham and Boston Manor on the west side of London.

Posted: 200209

Contents of the beige envelope supplied with new BL cars

Peter Beadle, former parts manager with University Motors in the 1970s, says "all new BL (Austin Morris MG) cars around that date were supplied wwith these items using that envelope. The BL part number of the envelope was AKD7553.

The text on the envelope says: "This envelope contains a Driver's Handbook and other important literature for the new owner".