MGBGTV8 from Scotland to France

This MGBGTV8 has had four owners - we have information on the V8 Database of three owners before the present fourth owner, Jean Gros.

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Jean Gros in Eragny sur Oise, about 16 miles northwest of Paris, has purchased an MGBGTV8 (Damask 1410) for which he has recently obtained the necessary papers, the equivalent of a V5C and a local registration plate to replace the original UK registration number RFS 536 M. This MGBGTV8 was despatched from the MG Plant at Abingdon on 25th February 1974 to Appleyard in Glasgow. It was then owned for 36 years by Pat Barnet in East Lothian, then Hamish Miller in North Berwick and Andrew Eddie in Aberdeen from 2014 who registered it with the V8 Register. In August 2016 Jean Gros purchased the car as the fourth owner and has now succeeded in registering it in France.

Alongside are Jean's photos of his car.