Buying and selling a classic MG through eBay
Buying & selling by auction on eBay
The popularity of car auctions on eBay is growing and classic cars appear regularly.

This amazing website has comprehensive listings of the current MG auction activity on eBay, categorised by MG model and auction type. It's a service that enables you to home in on eBay MGV8 adverts with minimum effort.
Briefing and MGV8 adverts
Buying and selling rules on eBay
The rules help create a safe, fair and enjoyable trading environment for all eBay members. Seller and buyer performance obligations and duties are set out in a user agreement. More and User Agreement
Payment on collection of a car, with cash payment, is a practical option. Visiting a local bank and jointly seeing the cash counted by the counter staff and paid into the seller's account will be safer. Payment with PayPal is eBay's recommended option - your purchase is fully protected whatever the amount. More
V8 Register - MG Car Club - the leading group for MG V8 enthusiasts at