The MGAUCTIONWATCH website is an independent website and not owned or operated by the MG Car Club.
MG AUCTIONWATCH - a new website that does the searching on eBay for you!
A new website has been launched by Steve James which aims to help MG enthusiasts with their search for MG items on eBay by sorting the current MG auction activity on eBay by MG model and category - for example cars for sale, spares and books & manuals.

Finding MGV8 auction material is easy!

Visit the MG V8/RV8 area now where there are listings for cars for sale, parts, books & manuals and the most popular auctions. Search now

Visit the MG branded merchandise area now where items like RV8 key fobs turn up from time to time. Search now

The MG AUCTIONWATCH website uses advanced search filters for the many different terms sellers use to list MG items on eBay. It currently returns matches from eBay in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. Support for more countries is in the pipeline.

Sorting by model
You can customise the search to look for items by MG model - for example for the MGV8.

Specialist searches too
he site also features several specialist searches, including a Lucas parts search conveniently sorting the thousands of Lucas parts on the popular auction site into nearly thirty different categories from alternators to wiper motors. There is also a page to help identify restoration project candidates and an interesting 'parts bin' filter intended to locate mislisted or unidentified MG parts amongst which a bargain or rare MG item might be found.

Homepage of the MG AUCTIONWATCH website has a range of useful options you can access in one click. Well worth adding to your list of favourite websites.
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