Insurance scheme exclusively for MG Car Club members
One of the financial benefits of being a member of a genuien members' motor club like the MG Car Club is that you become part of what is a very low risk group for insurance purposes. Clearly, our members love their MGs and take a great deal of care to avoid accidents. Often they will only drive relatively low mileages in their much loved cars and rarely in bad weather conditions such as snow and ice. Therefore insurers look at Club members as an attractive risk group of customers and they offer very good premiums.

The Peter Best Abingdon Policy is exclusive to members of the MG Car Club, a particularly low risk group which generates a very low rate of claims. You must be a member of the Club to qualify for this group scheme. In general, our members report that they get good quality cover and attractive premium quotes under this arrangement, but as always you can shop around to check.

The MG Car Club does not take a commission of any kind from Peter Best Insurance Sevices or from any other insurance broker or provider.

Peter Best Insurance Services

MG Car Club's broker offering good quality, limited mileage-agreed value, competitively priced classic car comprehensive cover.

Contact Peter Best Insurance Services to ask about this scheme. Have your MG Car Club membership number to hand and call them on 01376 573033 or 01621 840400. Alternatively, they offer an online quote service through their website at:
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