Parts for RV8 enthusiasts
Clive Wheatley is active re-sourcing replacement parts for the RV8 model. He operates from refurbished workshops at High Grosvenor up on a ridge in the middle of the countryside just outside the village of Worfield on the A454 from Wolverhampton to Bridgnorth. A selection of his spares is set out below, but for the latest RV8 spares news, do visit the Clive Wheatley mgv8parts website. More

Contact: Clive Wheatley
Clive Wheatley mgv8parts
High Grosvenor Workshops
Shropshire WV15 5PN
Tel: 01746 710810
Fax: 01746 710999

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Set of silicone cooling hoses for an MG RV8. Set consists of eleven hoses. Good value for high quality replacement parts. (3.9.08)
Set of silicone cooling hoses for an MGBGTV8 or V8 conversion. Six hoses in each set. Good value for high quality replacement parts. (3.9.08)
Set of rubber cooling hoses for an MGBGTV8 or V8 conversion in reinforced rubber. Six hoses in each set. The old price has been held but the quality much improved. (3.9.08)
RV8 dual fuel conversion
With the relentless rise of petrol and diesel prices at filling stations over the last twelve months, the idea of converting a car so you have the option of running on autogas is increasingly attractive. With uncanny timing, an RV8 dual fuel conversion is now available from the MGV8 specialist Clive Wheatley mgv8parts at his workshops in rural Shropshire. See the four page article. More (5.6.08)

New RV8 hardtops - probably the most exciting spares news in 2008
The arrival of an initial batch of remanufactured RV8 hardtops using the original moulds will be very welcome news for many RV8 enthusiasts who have tried in vain until now to buy a hardtop in the secondhand market. These units are double skinned, fully lined, have an original pattern wiring loom, interior light, heated rear window, all the fixings and are finished in a Factory colour of your choice. £2,200 including VAT - delivery extra. A reproduction of the original storage frame is likely to follow. (23.5.08) More

Replacement RV8 overmats
These overmats have been remade by a local craftsman to the original pattern and beige colour with the MG badge, but are a better quality as they are 80% wool and only 20% nylon. (12.7.08) More
Coming soon
Replacement black RV8 silicon cooling hoses
A set of eleven cooling hoses for the RV8 comprising two bottom hoses, one top hose, two hoses behind the water pump, three hoses on heater valve and three hoses at the bottom of the plenum. They will be available as individual hoses or as a bargain set. Price to be announced by late June 2008. (23.5.08)
RV8 metal connecting pipe
This replacement pipe fits between the two bottom water hoses and is now available. (Jan 08)
Replacement RV8 cats- some good news
Most RV8 enthusiasts will face the prospect of replacing their exhaust catalysts over the next few years but will experience a sharp intake of breath on learning the last Rover price is reported to be £571.81 plus VAT each!!. Well the good news is Clive Wheatley has been beavering away and found a source of good quality stainless steel replacement cats which he can supply at very much more attractive prices. (Feb 08) More
New re-manufactured RV8 water hoses
Clive Wheatley mgv8parts has found a source for the re-manufacture of good quality top and bottom water hoses for the RV8. (Jan 08) More
Replacement Spal fans
Both fans are O/E and have been made with better sealing to stop water ingress which was an occasional problem with the original fan fitted to the RV8.
Large Spal Radiator Fan.
Small Spal Condenser Fan
(May 07) More
Set of RV8 HT leads (9)
Lucas black HT leads.
Red sports HT leads.
(Dec 07)
RV8 distributor for MGBGTV8
with the drive to fit the early pump gears with an amplifier on the side ready to fit an MGBGTV8 electronic conversion. (
(Dec 07)
RV8 heater matrix
(Dec 07)
Rear Anti Roll Bar Bushes in polyurethane
New replacement bushes are available. (May 07) More
RV8 Stepper Motor
Replacement unit . (May 07) More
Replacement RV8 radiator cover
Many RV8 owners will be familiar with broken RV8 radiator covers. The original unit suffers from a weakness - the offside mounting point breaks as the fixing hole is 2 to 3mm out. Clive Wheatley mgv8parts has sourced a replacement which is part carbon fibre and part plastic which is much stronger particularly in the centre of the
unit. It looks the same but has been modified very slightly to make it easier to fit - and it has no sharp edges like the original Rover unit, something members will welcome! The replacement RV8 radiator cover is available - the OE price is around £70. (Jun 04) More

Stainless steel exhaust for the RV8
Clive Wheatley is offering a stainless steel exhaust for the MG RV8 featuring two inch outlets. The system is available in both twin and single box versions. (Jun 04) More

Replacement RV8 shroud stickers
Replacements from MG Rover are NLA but now Clive Wheatley has found a source and can supply new stickers. (Jun04) More
More RV8 spares
RV8 starter motors, alternators, replacement road wheels, half and full tonnea covers and much more. Follow the link. More