What a gas with an RV8!
With the relentless rise of petrol and diesel prices at filling stations over the last twelve months, the idea of converting a car so you have the option of running on autogas is increasingly attractive. Autogas is a much cleaner fuel than petrol. The products of combustion of this gaseous mixture are much less aggressive than those from a petrol/air mixture so oil life is extended because the additives have less to do. Combustion is more complete so there is very little soot in the exhaust gas and the sulphur content is very low in autogas so there is less acid to deal with. Autogas (liquid petroleum gas or LPG) is much cheaper than petrol, in May around 58% less on a comparative per litre basis, so even with the reduced miles per litre performance seen with autogas, there is a very attractive economic advantage. As a guide the cost per mile of autogas running with a Rover V8 engine is just under half that of running on petrol, so it will prove attractive to some enthusiasts who use their cars on a regular basis running up moderate annual mileages. With the good coverage of filling stations with autogas pumps around the UK, it is now a practical option too as refilling is both predictable and convenient. With uncanny timing, an RV8 dual fuel conversion is now available from the MGV8 specialist Clive Wheatley mgv8parts at his workshops in rural Shropshire. So on hearing of the conversion Victor Smith wanted to learn more from Clive. (5.6.08)

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